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What You Can Do If Your Mobile Falls Into Water

So you are having a bad day? Your new mobile just submerged in water? Oh right! It is definitely bad news. But you know what the good news is? All hope is not be lost now! Your mobile may still have a chance read below to find out!

Don’t panic

Panicking is the very last thing you want to be doing. You should avoid panicking. Because if you do something in a rush it is only going to make matters worse. Don’t try switching on the mobile as soon as you retrieve it from the water. It will only cause the interiors to fuse out. Therefore, as soon as you take the mobile out of the water hold it in an angle for all the water to get out. Don’t try to press buttons or dashing your mobile will definitely not work! So be calm.

Carefully remove the mobile

Then you need to carefully remove the battery and the other parts of the mobile after you have wiped it completely clean of the water. Make sure to use a fluffy towel that is able to absorb all the water from the mobile. Most of the latest mobile phones require special equipment to remove their back covers. So unless you have and know how to use those tools to remove the back covers don’t do it. You can get it done from a phone repairs shop in the vicinity to recover your mobile phones.

Give it time

After you are able to remove the mobile, keep them to dry. You can try using a blow dryer to dry out the water. Don’t use a warm hair dryer on the battery as it may explode. You can use a blow dryer that doesn’t get hot. You can also keep the pieces of the mobile out on the sun to dry. And another very successful method is to submerge the mobile in raw rice. It is believed that it has the ability to absorb the wetness on the mobile. If you need to get a good phone screen repair also done, then you should meet the professionals.

Go to the professionals

The sad part is not all can be done at home, all by ourselves with literally no cost! You will have to spend money to get the necessary done. The good news is that you may be able to save your mobile. Most of the professionals have very easily brought to life the mobiles that died after being submerged in water! To don’t lose hope! Visit the nearest or reputed professionals available!

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